Why it’s Time to Ditch Diets in Favour of a Lifestyle Overhaul

Fad dieting is still a big trend in modern society, despite plenty of evidence to suggest that far from leading to sustained weight loss and a healthy outlook to diet and lifestyle, faddy diets simply cause a downward spiral into yo-yo dieting or increasingly unhealthy dietary habits.

Dieting is a short term solution

A healthy lifestyle is a commitment made over time to choosing healthier alternatives, whereas many diet plans are intended only as a quick fix solution. Whether offering to ‘fix’ problem areas or suggesting you shed a few pounds for summer, whilst these diets might provide a temporary boost to your weight loss or wellbeing, the effects will only ever be temporary unless maintained over a long period of time – and most fad diets are incredibly unhealthy when extended beyond their suggested timeframe. While you might lose weight in the short-term, around 95% of dieters regain this weight over the next 5-10 years – so a healthier overall lifestyle is the way to go.

Diets damage your metabolism

Constantly changing what you eat confuses your metabolic system, which can lead your body to go into ‘starvation mode’ and cling to fat as a means of survival. This isn’t great news for those hoping to maintain a healthy weight, as this excess can be incredibly difficult to shift as time goes on, calling for ever more unhealthy and restrictive methods.

Restrictive dieting saps your energy

Looking for a way to lose all your energy and enthusiasm? An ultra-restrictive diet regime could be the way to go. Cutting too many calories and allowing yourself access only to specific food groups can make it incredibly difficult to get up off the sofa and do some healthy exercise – which is no good for maintaining muscle mass crucial to future fat burning and the maintenance of a healthy body, including a healthy heart.

Making healthy choices is the way to go

Instead of restricting your diet, damaging your body in the effort to reach the ideal weight, or robbing yourself of all your energy in an effort to take part in the latest trend, consider a complete lifestyle overhaul. This will involve looking closely at exactly what you eat and when as a means of making better, healthier choices, getting some exercise and incorporating a healthier relationship with food as part of your long-term commitment to wellbeing.

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