A big Thank you to all our users!

We you. You are the driving force behind MealPlanner, and the features we've added over the years are thanks to your feedback.

“I'm loving this. Very simple and basic. I would love to be able to label my shopping lists for different stores. Having the ability to rearrange the shopping list and condensing multiple items (or being able to do it manually) would be nice. I would also love to have the option to view my menu in a boxed week calendar (month style)/table and export or print for my refrigerator :)“

Kaylena Frates Google Play

“This app is very flexible and easy to use. It has the functionality to move meals from one day to another which is very useful as we all plan meals then change our minds. I am using the Pro version and would totally recommend this app.”

Ronnie 2018 Apple App Store

“I've been using Plan Meals to plan family dinners and grocery shopping lists for the past year. I plan meals a week or two in advance, and it has kept this busy mom from scrambling to figure out what's for dinner! Helps eliminate multiple trips to grocery store as well, as I can include all ingredients to planned meals on my weekly list. Highly recommended!”

Devon Stringfield Google Play


Designed to be a simple and intuitive way to plan meals, store recipes and create shopping lists.

Meal Plans

MealPlanner has been designed to fit around a busy lifestyle. You can add as much, or as little information as you like to make your meal plans your own.


Create multiple weeks worth of meal plans. Got some holiday time off work? Add a new week with different recipes and name it accordingly.


MealPlanner includes a recipe book to store all your favourite recipes. Create your own and share them with friends and family with a few simple taps.

Don't have the time to add recipes? No problem. Add as much, or a little information as you like.

Shopping lists

Generate shopping lists from your meal plans. Share them easily with friends and family and keep track of what you need each week.