8 Tips for Saving Money on Your Food Bill

It sometimes feels like food gets more expensive all the time, and with the average spend on groceries going up it doesn't hurt to save a bit here and there.

The following tips are designed to help you save on your food bill week after week:

Plan in Advance

Planning out your meals a week (or even longer) in advance helps you avoid unexpected surprises, and this can have a really positive effect on your food bill. If you know exactly what you’re going to eat and when, you’ll be much less likely to panic-buy expensive items.

Cultivate a Store Cupboard

Some of the expense associated with food comes from a lack of handy store cupboard staples which help making a delicious meal that bit simpler and more straightforward. Jamie Oliver has some great advice on how busy families can put together their own action-ready store-cupboard essentials.

Try Discount Supermarkets

When looking to cut costs without degrading the quality of your grocery shopping, head to one of the many discounted supermarkets creating a big buzz

Stick to Healthier Options

Studies have shown that overall, healthier options really are cheaper than their more unhealthy counterparts, so this is yet another reason to stick to the good stuff!

Look out for Own Brands

Search supermarket shelves for own-brand varieties of your favourite products, as in many instances the only real difference between these products and the ‘real’ thing is the label and the cost. No matter where you shop, own-brand is usually much cheaper, and this is as true for household goods as it is for food – leaving you more to spend on your food budget overall.

Buy in Bulk

If you have the original outlay to do so, buying stock essentials in bulk can help to reduce your food bill significantly. To avoid food waste, stick only to things you can store by freezing or in your store cupboard and help beat rising food prices using this smart tactic.

Give Couponing a Spin

Try coupons or vouchers as a way to make your grocery shopping go further – but beware of buying items you don’t want or need just because you have a voucher.

Remember Your Shopping List

Sticking to a set shopping list helps to remove the temptation to impulse buy; supermarkets are cleverly arranged to make their items tempting, but by ensuring you only buy what you truly need, you can keep your costs low.

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